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As a first time mom, I was faced with the daunting task of deciding which products my little bundle of joy would require. There was so much information out there! There were so many baby products out there! Where to start? Stores sent me “Must Have” lists, the countless websites I’d signed up for to track my pregnancy’s progress sent tips, my mom had suggestions, and just about everyone had heard from someone that such-and-such was an absolute necessity. But did I really need umpteen onesies? Was a travel system stroller a big mistake? If I wasn’t already overwhelmed, I also had to decide which brands of this myriad of items would best serve our needs. And I thought baking and delivering a baby would be the hard parts!

I spent just over 5 weeks on bedrest, so I had plenty of time to research everything and compile my lists from the vast reaches of the internet. Even with all of this preparation, I still made some errors in purchases and found out that I really did want other items. I’ve been sharing my finds with my girlfriends and, in an attempt to simplify your life as well, I’m starting this blog to showcase the products that have surpassed my expectations and earned “The Mama Loves” title.


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