Choosing a Breast Pump – The Ameda Purely Yours

Ameda Purely Yours

I think that picking a pump was one of the most stressful decisions to make because I felt like there was so much riding on making the right choice. I wanted to breastfeed so badly; I wanted to stack the deck in my favor by having everything I might need.

After blisters, blocked ducts, and an emergency trip to a lactation consultant (best decision ever) when a blocked duct made it so that I couldn’t put my arm down… breastfeeding finally got a little easier.  8 months later, I’m a pro (it does get easier!!!). Looking back, I’m so glad I researched the heck out of pumps because my pump ended up saving this over-producer from a constant battle with blocked ducts!

As I looked in to pumps, I couldn’t get over the price of the Medelas or the fact that they’re single-user (unless a pro model) because they aren’t made with a simple and inexpensive membrane that would reliably prevent milk from ever entering the motor unit… Well, don’t get me started on the rip-off factor, the sheer waste of throwing all these perfectly good pumps into our landfills, or the idea that scores of women are feeding their babies milk pumped with what could be a contaminated, moldy motor (google that if you’re brave and over the morning sickness stage).  Anyhow, I crossed Medela off my list.  I looked into the Avent Isis, but the sticker was also very high.

I read a snippet somewhere about the Ameda Purely Yours, so I started doing research.
It has

  • a membrane, making it safe for multiple users
  • two horns for simultaneous pumping
  • separate adjustments for speed and suction
  • BPA-free components
  • can be used hands-free with a simple pumping bandeau
  • and the price was about half the Medela!

Even better, I found my Ameda on Craigslist for a song.  I was instantly impressed by its quietness and small size.  Once I started using it, I found it to be quick at expressing and really comfortable to use.

What more can you ask for? Well, my previously-loved pump started making what seemed like a funny sound.  I called up Ameda to see if there was anything I was doing wrong.  Instead, the rep I spoke with suggested we just replace the unit to save me the hassle of investigating it on top of taking care of my new baby.  I read her the serial number and we discovered it was an oooold unit.  Well outside of warranty.  But because Ameda is awesome, they stood behind their product and the lovely rep arranged to ship me a replacement unit anyway!  I can’t say enough about the pump, but the company is even better than their product!  A rare thing today.

If you’re in the market for a pump, the Ameda is a FANTASTIC choice.  There’s no need to drop a small fortune on a pump in order to get a quality product.  And if you have questions or need encouragement with breastfeeding, feel free to contact me. I have.been.there.  :)

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The UPPABaby Vista is a Winner

UppaBaby Vista Colors

There are approximately eleventy-thousand stroller options out there.  Umbrella, Snap N Go, travel systems, luxury…

I became obsessed with strollers as this purchase would mark my official First Large Baby Investment and hitting that milestone meant I really was having a baby.  I looked at every stroller going by, I did internet research, and I finally started chasing down people pushing strollers I was considering in order to grill them on their strollers and to see if they were happy with their purchases.

I finally decided that my needs were as follows:

  • Relatively light (but not so light as to compromise durability)
  • Turns easily and can be steered with one hand
  • Does not require a PhD in structural engineering in order to fold
  • Can grow with me as I hope to have another baby before this one graduates from the stroller
  • Has a nice pattern that doesn’t scream boy or girl so that I can keep it should the next baby be a boy

Points 1, 2, and 4 eliminated travel systems for me, the Snap N Go was too bare bones and did not meet Point 4.

As I ticked options off my list, I started looking at the “luxury” lines.  They really met my criteria – although they also made my inner cheapskate die a little.  I eliminated the Orbit for its non-traditional looks and proprietary (and expensive) car seats.  The Stokke Xplory was too futuristic for my baby dreams.  The Bugaboo Bee didn’t have a carrycot (at the time).

I was down to the Bugaboo Cameleon and the Uppababy Vista.  Two things really sold me on the Vista over the Cameleon: being able to fold the frame up with the seat attached and the price point.  Also, every person I spoke to that had a Vista RAVED about how great it is.

I proudly hauled home my new Vista and regaled my husband with stories of its greatness.  He was only marginally sold and not entirely convinced that we really needed all of this.  But oh boy was I happy and I knew it would just be a matter of time before he loved it too.

Fast forward to having my daughter and proudly pushing all 6 adorable pounds of her around the block in the bassinet attachment (it was exactly like the image I had in my head).  My husband joined us for a walk and, half way down the block, stopped to proclaim “This is the most awesome stroller of all time!  No really, this thing is great.”  Aha!  Convert!  I knew he’d see the light.

The Vista is everything I expected it to be and I can confidently recommend it now that I’ve used all three attachments with it.  My only complaint about the stroller is how much room the frame takes up in my trunk.  I have a Prius and it takes up virtually the entire footprint of the trunk (it’s too wide to stash it on its side).  That being said, this is not reason enough to tarnish its image in my eyes – a smaller stroller just wouldn’t get the job done in the same way.

Also, if you have to fly with your Vista, the travel bag is really the only way to go.  The double stroller gate check bags only fit the frame if you also remove the wheels – which is a real pain when you gate check.  Order the travel bag when you can find it – it tends to go on back order often!

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