My Cot – Because Barf Happens


Having just gone through seemingly endless amount of sickness with my family, I was reminded of one of my favorite things: the Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed.  This awesome little cot folds up into a cylindrical bag to store tidily away in a closet until you need it, then easily expands to its full size with just a tug.

Now, you can certainly use this bed for a night away at grandma’s, but where it really makes a difference in your life is when your kid has a tummy bug.  Putting a sick kid back into their bedroom and praying they don’t lose their barf bucket or can make it all the way back to the bathroom when disaster next strikes… that’s stressful for everyone involved (and your carpeting… and their bed).  Instead, you can grab this little bed, set it up in the bathroom, throw down a few layers of towels for just in case, and have your little in close proximity to the toilet until they’re feeling better.

I started using the bed this way a few years ago after my oldest tried to insist she sleep on the bathroom floor, and she now reminds me every time her tummy feels funny that I should probably go put her little bed in the hall bathroom, just in case.  (She’s 6 now, and still fits on it just fine)81s1T-o76uL._SL1500_

We’ve also used the bed for an impromptu overnight and recommend pairing it with a small egg crate foam for additional comfort.  The twin size is obviously large for it, but I just fold it in half, plop it on the cot, then throw a blanket over that in lieu of a bottom sheet.  You could of course cut it to size, but I’m lazy.

Grab one of these cots for less than $25 in pink or blue and prepare for the icky times.

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