LOVE! When Your Kid Needs a Boost: Kaboost



The battle of the highchair options is long and arduous.  You have a little baby, finally select a chair, and think the war has been won.  But oh no, my friend, that is just the first time you get the privilege of buying a highchair you think will get you through early childhood.  Because after you realize that the first one is too big or too hard to clean, you’ll buy another.  And then your little darling will grow more and clearly be too big for the chair, but too little for a standard chair.  You’ll trudge back to the store at this point to look for a booster seat, probably cursing yourself for not springing for that fancy Tripp Trapp from the get-go (more on that in a later post).  But let me solve so very many of your future problems (or maybe it’s your current problem because your kid is now 2+) with one simple word: KABOOST.  (and by the way, I see Kaboost as a great option as soon as you trust your child to sit in a chair without being strapped in – for my kids that happened at about 18 months)41vRsGSsNEL

Kaboost is a product that is so ingenious, so revolutionary, and so simple that you will immediately mourn the fact that you didn’t come up with it and launch the company yourself.  It is a plastic gizmo that is somewhat reminiscent of a 4-limbed octopus or a cute little video game guy.  Depending on which side you face up, it will boost your pre-existing kitchen chair that matches your kitchen perfectly between 3.75″ and 4.5″ (the standard height options of traditional booster seats) and it will do so without screaming Hey look at this booster seat we have right here that matches nothing!  AND it allows you to adequately scoot your kid up to the table (thereby saving you so many laundry headaches because food will drop to the table rather than a lap).

To use it, you decide how much boost your kid needs (my tall 6 year old uses the shorter side while my very tall 3.5 year old is still quite happy with the taller side), place it under your chair and start parking the chair legs into each “arm”.  Fresh out of the box, the arms are a bit stiff, but you’ll get everything straightened out in no time flat and those strong springs are what hold the Kaboost firmly to your chair’s legs.

You’re probably wondering if the Kaboost fits round/square/squoval legs, and I’m happy to report that it fits all of them!  I know because I ordered Kaboosts for my kitchen table, my dining room table, and for my mother-in-law’s table.  If your chairs are black, you’re also probably wondering if you should go bold and order green or try to make the brown work.  I can assure you it is a very dark brown that plays equally as nicely with espresso as it does with black chair legs.

Go ahead and order a Kaboost (or three, like I did) today and solve your highchair needs past the baby-baby stage.  I think you’ll be ridiculously happy, just like I am!

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