Gifts They’ll Love: Cabbage Patch Kids Baby So Real

Cabbage Patch Kids Baby So Real will be our big birthday surprise gift.

My Little will be turning 4 in just a few short weeks, so this means I am beginning the mama scramble of finding her a few things that will thrill her beautiful little kid heart.  Her list is simple, she’d like an Ariel costume and a [nearly sold out] Palace Pets Beauty and Bliss set (thank goodness for Amazon!), but I’d also like to surprise her with something she’ll flip for.  Enter the Cabbage Patch Kids Baby So Real.

Baby So Real has so many features and they're all delivered in an excellent way.
Baby So Real has so many features and they’re all delivered in an excellent way.

I absolutely adored my Cabbage Patch Kids when I was growing up, but hadn’t thought about them in recent years.  That is, until I saw a tutorial video featuring my best friend from college.  “Oh, fun,” I thought.  “This will be like a little vicarious walk down memory lane.”  So I hit play.  In the video, she demonstrates all of the interactive features of this new Cabbage Patch Kid that is oh-so-nostalgically perfect but also so incredibly new and fresh!  I generally stay away from electronic toys because, frankly, I find them annoying, but this doll manages to hit it out of the park!  Her features are seemingly endless: she plays games like peek-a-boo, is ticklish, can feel unwell, drinks and eats, interacts during diaper changes… the list goes on and on.  She also has large, expressive LED eyes in addition to her adorable voice and connects via Bluetooth to an interactive app.  Honestly, what didn’t they think of?

Watching this doll in action made me wish to be a little girl again as I would have surely done nearly anything to have such a fun, cute, and incredible toy!  It’s the type of toy you’d see a commercial for and then pester your parents to within an inch of their sanity for.  I honestly can’t think of another electronic or interactive toy on the market that has done such a good job marrying technology with play.  The price point on this doll is in the neighborhood of the American Girls dolls I had been perusing, but I think my little girl will be so much more fascinated by this dolly at this age (and I anticipate my 6 year old desperately asking Santa for one at Christmas).  I’m ordering one for Little tonight (with my own money – this post is not sponsored in any way – and another for my oldest because, mark my words, this will be one of the hot toys this season!).  Check back with me the second week of October for a full review on how the birthday Baby So Real goes over.  I almost can’t stand having to wait to give it to her!

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